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Committee reviews UWSP GDR Policies for the purpose of recommending changes.


Step 6 Administration 
by Summers, GregNo presence information
 9/23/2011 8:48 AM
To view the Step 6 Implementation, Administration, and Assessment proposal and offer comments, click here.
Signing In from Off-Campus 
by Summers, GregNo presence information
 4/27/2009 1:12 PM
It is possible to sign in from off-campus.  Upon first opening the site, you may get a "website security certificate" error.  Simply click the link that allows you to "Continue to this website."
You may then be challenged for...


GEPRC Charge from Senate (updated).pdfGEPRC Charge from Senate (updated)Sage, James
Step 6 Assessment and Implementation (Approved).pdfStep 6 Assessment and Implementation (Approved)Sage, James
Degree Requirements (final AAC 9-12-11).pdfDegree Requirements (final AAC 9-12-11)Sage, James
Step 5 Course Criteria (Approved).pdfStep 5 Course Criteria (Approved)Sage, James
Step 3 General Education Model (Approved).pdfStep 3 General Education Model (Approved)Sage, James
Step 1 and 2 Mission Statement and Program Outcomes (Approved).pdfStep 1 and 2 Mission Statement and Program Outcomes (Approved)Sage, James
Step 4 Structural Components and Outcomes (Approved).pdfStep 4 Structural Components and Outcomes (Approved)Sage, James
Degree Requirements (Approved).pdfDegree Requirements (Approved)No presence informationSchneider, Julie
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 Step 6: Implementation, Administration, and Assessment